About Prophet Sharing

Facebook introduced reactions over 2 years ago.
Google created Google Home speakers.
Amazon is exploring predictive selling.
Snapchat should partner with news agencies.

Tech companies are evolving and innovating at a pace faster than ever before, and there are strategic reasons for every single decision that these impactful companies make.

I want you to be the first to know why companies are doing what they do.
I want you to be the smartest tech person at the dinner table.

Learn about Tech companies and their Strategy from someone who loves thinking and writing about what they do.

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Hi, I'm Daksh Bhatia and I'm the creator of Prophet Sharing

About Me

My name is Daksh Bhatia.

I'm an Economics and Data Science student at the University of California, Berkeley. After working in strategy, engineering, and data roles, I'm heading to LinkedIn full-time to join the Strategy & Analytics rotational program.

I have a deep-vested passion for Technology and Entrepreneurship, that can probably be traced back anywhere from jailbreaking my iPhone to trying to install Tetris on my parent's GPS. 

I think actively about what Tech companies are doing, and the strategy behind why they're doing so - be it why Facebook is rolling out dating, why Disney is exploring an online streaming service, or why Amazon is venturing into healthcare.

And I love sharing my thoughts with people like you! Check out this article to get started, and subscribe if you're interested in updates.