Amazon's Latest Venture (Hint: It’s Not Whole Foods)

To understand a company’s goals, we must first understand how the company sees itself.

Google's mission, for example, is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful; in short, Google sees itself as an information giant. Facebook’s mission (recently updated) is to bring the world closer together; in short, Facebook sees itself as a social media giant.

Amazon is an entirely different beast, and a very unique one at that. Its goal is to become "The most customer-centric company on earth".


Not the biggest social media company, Not the biggest search engine in history. No. No. No. What Amazon wants to do is become your go-to.


Not your go-to-for-headphones-with-2-day-shipping.

Not your go-to-for-delivered-groceries.

Not your go-to-for-on-demand-videos.

Amazon wants to become your go-to. That’s how Amazon sees itself, and that is Amazon’s ultimate goal.

And it’s certainly getting closer to its ultimate goal. As you may have heard, Amazon made the mega purchase of Whole Foods. Why?

Without getting into all the details, the basic reasons are as follows: When 20% of the average individual's paycheck is spent on groceries, Amazon couldn't stand to stay away. It can’t become your go-to, if you can’t go-to for 20% of purchases.

But what else do we do with our time - well, for starters, we spend a lot of time at home. Approximately 10% of our time (ignoring sleep), is spent at home. As you’ve probably heard, Amazon released its smart home device almost a year ago in major western countries. Amazon couldn’t stay away.

But as many of you can attest to, life is much more than just 2 day prime shipping, hanging out at home, and organic vegetables - it's also group messages with friends, funny photo filters, cup pong phone games, and incredible GIFs.

So what do GIFs have to do with Amazon's goal?

Okay - firstly, I wasn't describing the totality of life a second away when I mentioned GIFs and group messages. But what I was describing was 3 out of your 24 hours in a day. We spend 3 hours each day on our mobile phones, and most of that time is spent on different forms of social media.

And just like the 20% paycheck scenario, Amazon can't stand to not get involved. If Amazon is trying to become the Most customer-centric company on the earth, it can't possibly do that while ignoring where we spend 12.5% of time.

And although it hasn't been officially released by Amazon, I introduce you to Anytime - Amazon's upcoming messaging application to be available on both mobile devices and computers. Amazon has been reportedly surveying customers to see what features they'd like to see in this upcoming app, and it's looking a lot like this:

Screenshot 2017-12-07 12.53.49.png


It's not the upcoming messaging app that's so important; It’s the fact that Amazon is venturing into Social Media.

Unsurprisingly, Amazon is also coming out with an Instagram-esque application called Spark, where users can share their shoppable content with friends and family.


Yes, you read that correctly; Amazon is coming out with, essentially, their own versions of Instagram and Messenger.

Make no mistake - Amazon is beginning a direct assault on Facebook. Facebook just broke 2 Billion users, Facebook Messenger 1.2 Billion users, while WhatsApp and Instagram are hosts to over 700 Million users as of this summer.  

And, I hate to repeat myself but when Amazon saw 30% of the world on social media, it couldn’t stand to not venture into the muddy waters of online interactions: Amazon's latest venture.

Next time you hear about a new Amazon product, think about why Amazon did what it did. I’m confident that moments after that question is raised in your mind, you’ll reach the same conclusion as the one above - Amazon is just getting closer to becoming Earth's Most Customer-Centric Company

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